Here at Hall Dielectric Company, we manufacture standard press systems, fully automatic turntable or inline systems and custom manufacturing systems. We are also a leader in R.F. (Radio Frequency) HF welding industry.

All of our systems are built to be modular and flexible. Automatic feeders can be moved to different turntable positions or moved to another turntable.

All of our systems are built from the ground up here in our plant. Transformers for our machines are made here in our plant as well. We also manufacture transformers for machines from other companies.

Automation that is flexible provides savings on labor, increases capacity, and increases profit. Our systems are designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with a capacity of 600 cycles per hour.

At Hall Dielectric Machinery, we pride ourselves in the high quality product we make, in contributing to our American economy, and finally in making a difference!

Call us today and see how we can make a difference for YOU!

Hall Dielectric maintains a full CNC machining center. We engineer to design (and manufacturer) all types of RF tooling / Dies. Call us today with your specifications.




Hall Dielectric Powered Under / Over Shuttle Machine 

For use with one Operator



Bar Sealer

Hall Dielectric Machinery Company, Inc. has built this Bar Sealer to form a seal on two pieces of material. The material is welded together using RF welding and can be up to 96 inches in length.




5 Ton Hydraulic Hot Stamp Press

This press has 5 ton Hydraulic Cylinder with a self contained hydraulic pump. The press comes with a digital temperature controller, 6 cartridge heaters in the upper platen and X-Y precision controls. Thers is also a programmable controller with operator interface and a variable speed motor foil pull unit.



Automated Systems



Single Turntable System

This turntable system includes a 14 foot diameter, 8-station table and one 15KW R. F. heat sealer with hydraulic press and automatic R. F. power control.

The first automatic feeder uses two rolls of vinyl, one bottom sheet and one foil-stamped pocket. The next step, using the automatic board feeder with an X-Y Axis, places the board, followed with the top sheet feeder that has an in-line adjustable punching press. The last feeder is the label holder feeder. After sealing, an operator or a stripping station will remove the product. Cycle speeds are 450 to 600 cycles per hour.

PLC controls complete the system. The accuracy of the system is up to .003 inches. An operator pendant box may be moved to suit needs



Dual Turntable System

The small turntable will feed 2 color deboss top sheets onto the large table by means of an X-Y adjustable feeder. The large 14 foot diameter 6-station has two double headed feeders with a 20KW R. F. sealer with automatic power controls. A product removal station with a waste stripper and stacker is also included.




Fully Automated Turntable Manufacturing System

Fully Automated Turntable systems require very little supervision. These machines are built to ruduce labor costs and increase production. Computer-controled, self-sustaining table manufacturing systems are built on built on a flexible, modular design allowing for quick modification and redesign to your manufactoring process.






Four Poster Press

Hall Dielectric Machinery Company, Inc. has built this 60 KW R. F. Welding machine, with an oversized bed and a 30-ton hydraulic four-poster press with guide rods. Additional equipment on this sealer includes automatic R. F. power control, step-starter, water cooled oscillator tube, and slide die mount for extra large dies.



Nissan 61B Hydraulic Dual-Cycle Press

This is one of serveral custom machines built for Nissan Motor Co., Ltd. to manufacture floor board componets. This machine makes two R. F. welds simultainously.




GMT Tri-Cycle Hydraulic Press

General Motors Corporation approached HDM with an opportunity to custom design a manufacturing machine which required three simultainous R. F. welds. This machine also incorporates semi-automactic manufacturing.




Port Feeder

We designed this special medical port insertion 4-up with a vibratory bowl when one of our customers in the medical field needed automatic port insertion as part of their automated system. They needed a cycle rate of less than 6 seconds per feed.

Accuracy and speed are the goals of our automated systems. If we do not have a standard system to accomplish your needs we will design a specialized system for you.